Welcome to Savannah, Georgia. Southern home of charm, hospitality and more ghosts than any polite city should really have. Our tour will take you on a leisurely stroll along the tree-lined cobbled streets of this beautiful coastal city. In around three-quarters of a mile on our standard tour, our entertaining and knowledgeable guide will regale you with stories at 9 characterful spots in the Historic District of Savannah.

For those with an appetite for the terrifying, our extended tour will take in an additional 4 haunted locations in just over another quarter mile.

Below are just a few of the 9 or 13 locations we will visit on your tour. Some of the further afield locations that we found while researching this route, but are too far to walk to, we included on our blog, we hope you enjoy the fascinating stories that prove Savannah is a town deeply infected with the ghostly.


The gothic monuments of Wright Square in Savannah, home of ghosts and strange stories

Wright Square

Join our tour to hear the haunted history of Wright Square, one of the oldest squares in Savannah, and home to Tomochichi, a chief of the Yamacraw tribe, whose grave was moved by a railroad company, provoking the anger of the Indian chief, who haunts the square.

This impressive house is regularly haunted

Juliette Gordon Low House

You might know her as the founder of the Girl Scouts organization in the USA, she died happy and content in 1927, but her parents have a different story to tell, and have not yet departed this realm.  They regularly haunt this impressive house,  playing the piano, or simply staring out he ground floor window.

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colombia Square: Extended tour exclusive

If Savannah is the most haunted city in America this is the most haunted square in America. Our extended tour has the stories of the square, but most fascinating is the story of the fountain, we just hope you don’t have the misfortune to do the tour on a foggy night!