The Foley House Inn

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The Foley House Inn - Photo

The Foley House Inn was built in 1896 by a widow named Honoria Foley. Her bed and breakfast is the first bed and breakfast in Savannah. Legend actually speaks of Mrs. Foley murdering one of her guests. According to the legend, a guest staying at the inn tried to strangle Mrs. Foley. In an attempt to save herself, she struck him across the head with a candlestick. The blow, unfortunately, killed him, and Ms. Foley hid the act by sealing him in one of the walls of her inn. This story would be too much to believe if they hadn’t discovered just such a skeleton in 1987 during renovations.

Although the remains were never positively identified as the ones Mrs. Foley hid, their discovery of that skeleton set off a string of paranormal encounters, including that of Jerri Lynton. Jerri was staying at the Foley House in 2008 on a business trip, unaware of the inn’s grim past. She was perfectly happy with the accommodations until she returned one night from a late meeting. She was walking up the front steps when she felt herself suddenly shouldered out of the way. A man in a top hat had pushed right by her, storming towards the front door.
At first, she was upset. How could a man be that rude? Her annoyance quickly turned to confusion and fear. The man’s face was set into an angry scowl, his skin pale and his features dark. He brooded for a moment at the entrance, seemingly unaware of Jerri’s presence, and then vanished through the door. When Jerri recovered her wits enough to enter the Inn, she found the front room abandoned. However, she could still hear heavy footsteps as they ascended the staircase. Curiosity overcame her fear, and she followed them right to a random spot on the wall.
On recounting the story to the desk clerk the following morning, she was informed that the spot was less random than it would have seemed 21 years earlier; that had been the spot where they pulled the skeletal remains from the wall.

Watch out for any holes in the walls, any possible hiding places for a body inside of a hotel. You won’t be able to look at old hotel walls the same again.


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