Savannah’s Six Pence Pub

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Savannah’s Six Pence Pub - Photo

A British pub, dead center in the heart of American ghostland – The Six Pence Pub, or “Wally’s Six Pence” as it is lovingly referred to, is a haunted pub full of British flare and wares for all the staunchly adamant loyalists out there. Just kidding, that war ended nearly 300 years ago. Those divisions have been sewn and mended. But here at the Six Pence Pub, there is a stark reminder of the state’s loyalists’ past. All the while proudly exemplifying Savannah’s title of the most haunted city in America. 

The spiritual activity here is par for the course; temperatures drop, chairs move on their own, and the like. Double this up with the salty, vinegary goodness of a good plate of fish chips, and you have yourself an entertaining afternoon. 

Any spiritual enthusiast is encouraged to step into Wally’s Six Pence for a pint and a bite. You never know what you might see, and at the least, you’ll leave with a belly full of fish and beer, ready for your next spiritual investigation. 

The Six Pence Pub is just one of many haunted locales waiting in Savannah. Keep reading our blog to discover more for yourself! 

Wally’s Six Pence

Having only been open since 1984, a short period in the historic city, Wally’s Six Pence has garnered much attention – not only for its authentic British decor, food, and drink but for its clientele, both dead and alive. But what is a British pub doing in one of America’s oldest cities? Didn’t we win that war? 

British Influence in Savannah 

Throughout its early history, one that started at the tail end of the colonial days, Georgia has been staunchly a British colony. Established to buffer the British colonies from Spanish Florida, Georgia was initially a colony for England’s poor working class. Slavery was initially outlawed in 1732 along with rum, lawyers, and Catholics, and the colony held some of the closest ties with England. As time passed, these restrictions loosened, and Georgia was a slave-touting, rum-drinking state as much as South Carolina or the rest. 

However, their loyalty to the British stayed the same in Georgia. As the rest of the nation flew into an uproar or taxation without representation, citizens of Savannah and Georgia remained staunchly British. Georgia was the only state to successfully pass the Stamp Act in 1765. 

While colonialists further up north dumped tea into the Boston Harbor, Georgians happily paid their British overlords for whatever they asked for. Part in parcel with the board of Trustees that ran Georgia from overseas. The only state to be run by such an organization. 

This is not to say that Georgians completely bent their knee to British rule, but they were the least resistant out of the thirteen. Two Georgians signed the Declaration of Independence, and Georgia was the 4th state to enter the newly founded Union in 1788. 

Ultimately, their loyalty lay with their fellow colonialists, but the Six Pence Pub is a reminder of those pre-revolution days.  

Story of The Six Pence Pub

The founding of this beloved bar may not have been a direct act of British nationalism, despite the state’s conflicting history with Mother England, yet, it has brought a bit of British quirkiness to Savannah. Opened in 1984 but a British couple from Manchester, England, Wally’s Six Pence has been a favorite for locals and tourists alike. Wally and his wife Doris would bring home-cooked meals straight to the pub. They would chat and drink with customers, generally British expatriates until either party felt like going home. 

In 1999, shortly two upstanding gentlemen “with nothing better to do” purchased the bar, expanding its food and liquor menus. The trademark decor the pub is now known for was added by these two debaucherous purveyors of all things English. In 2001 they opened a second Six Pence Pub in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, and one in Fort Mill, South Carolina, in 2006. 

Today they are known for many of the same meals that Doris and Wally would prepare for their loving patrons. British favorites like Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, and Scotch Eggs are served alongside American comfort food. The food is so good, and the atmosphere is so inviting that many believe the spirits are old patrons or even Wally himself. 

Spiritual Activity at The Six Pence Pub

Temperature drops are common in the dark, dingy pub. While a cold bar may go hand in hand with a cold beer, the thermometer will instantly drop to surprisingly low levels. To a more dangerous degree, light bulbs will shatter in front of bewildered guests and staff. Pots and pans will fly through the air in the kitchen. Perhaps an angry Doris, frustrated by the new staff’s inability to make her famous Shepards Pie properly. 

One restaurant manager reported his office chair spinning around on its own. A likely sign that their noisy poltergeist may be Wally, looking over day-to-day operations in the afterlife. 

Who Haunts The Six Pence Pub

  • Original owners Wally and Doris
  • Past Patrons 

Whoever, or whatever, haunts The Six Pence pub does not act as a repellant, deterring guests from entering. Many come to experience this imbibed form of spiritual tourism. Others visit the pub to see where the 1995 film Something to Talk About was filmed. Starring Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid, this film is one of many reasons Savannah’s tourism industry has boomed in the last 30 years. 

The Six Pence Pub is referred to as the “Most Authentic English Pub in Georgia.” A title they hold up proudly and that their clientele expects out of them. Even the ones that no longer take up bar stools. Regulars and restaurant workers believe their resident spirits are past patrons looking for another round. 

Haunted Savannah

Keep reading our blog for more tales on haunted Savannah and the best place to grab a bite and drink. If you find yourself in Georgia’s first city, take a tour with US Ghost Adventures. Our licensed tour guides take you to only the best-haunted spots around. Pub crawls are also offered for those seeking a different type of adventure. Check our website for further details and booking information.