Savannah Terrors Ghosts and Ghouls of the South

Savannah’s reputation as the most haunted city in the nation has been built up through years of death and destruction. Experience Savannah through the lens of its horrific past on a walking ghost tour with Savannah Terrors.

Join Savannah Terrors as we explore the historical haunts and otherworldly wonders that make Savannah the nation's number one destination for all things spooky.

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Savannah Terrors Ghosts and Ghouls of the South

This walking ghost tour takes you deep into the haunted world of Savannah’s balmy nights to learn the real-life encounters and historical facts behind the city’s most terrifying stories. The ravages of war and disease have left scars that cannot be covered. Want to experience even more spooky stories and Savannah locations? Add the extended tour to uncover even more spectral secrets hiding in the squares of Savannah.

Meeting Location: Oglethorpe Square, 127 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401, in front of the Owen's-Thomas House & Slave Quarters.

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

Exceeded our expectations. I had my 14 year old grandson along on vacation and he told me afterwards, " to be totally honest I had my doubts, but THA...

Jerry Rose

Five Stars

We had so much fun on our tour. Minh was very knowledgeable and super friendly! We loved learning about the history and legends of Savannah!! Definite...

Traci Carberry

Five Stars

Fantastic! We really enjoyed the small group we had, and the knowledge of our guide. We may have gotten lucky with a few pics from the cemetery.

Kristin Johnson
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

Davenport House

A boarding house with a gruesome past filled with disease and death. The Davenport House has seen many souls come and go, but many were forced to stay permanently. The historic building is famous for a ghost cat and the restless spirit of a little girl.

17Hundred90 Inn

Three separate buildings full of haunted history make up this extremely active inn. Room 204 is haunted by the spirit of a young woman who took her own life after being jilted by a reckless sailor. She is often seen at the bedside, hanging in mid-air.

Kehoe House

Terrifying unexplained occurrences, such as the lights going out at midnight and doorbells ringing incessantly, have plagued this 1892 building since it opened as a bed and breakfast.

The Hauntings of Savannah

The many squares of old Savannah are littered with the remnants of a horrific past that has made The Hostess City of the South one of the most haunted cities in the United States. Since its foundation in 1733, it has become entrenched in Georgia’s history as a city known for its hefty relationship with tragedy and terror.


During the Revolutionary War, Savannah was occupied by British forces from 1778 to 1782. The streets filled with the blood of colonial patriots during these oppressive years. Something the spirits of Savannah have not forgotten. The Civil War reared its ugly head, and Savannah again became a target for mass destruction. General Sherman’s infamous march to the sea left little more than ashes behind and a ghostly population waiting for revenge.


The iconic port city dealt with outbreaks of Yellow Fever and other ravenous diseases throughout these terrible years. Between 1820 and 1878, the city’s population was decimated by the horrors of pestilence. The worst wave of illness took over 700 lives. Is it any wonder Savannah has a reputation for macabre and misery?


The Most Haunted Places in Savannah, GA


The Mercer Williams House was the site of raucous parties and many peculiar deaths. Now, the parties and the unlucky souls of the dead continue to inhabit this museum. The Andrew Low House is one of the many beautiful southern mansions bordering the city’s many squares. But the inside of the house is anything but ordinary. The ghost of Robert E. Lee is said to hang out with the building’s former owner in the eternal world of the ever after.


Serving as a hospital during the Civil War and the yellow fever epidemics, the Marshall House Hotel is easily one of the most haunted hotels in Savannah. Savannah’s most haunted cemetery, the Laurel Grove Cemetery, is the home of many haunted encounters and Voodoo rituals. Savannah Ghosts invites you to meet all the spirits of Savannah on our nightly walking ghost tour.

Reasons to Take the Savannah Ghost Tour

You want to learn more about the south.

There are places in the south that are uniquely rich in history, serving as some of the most prominent locations in the found ... ing of our nation. When it comes to Savannah, you’re right in the heart of some incredible tales that the history books or TV don’t do justice. You can read about it or even watch stories about it, but there’s nothing quite like hearing about them while seeing the sites firsthand. The only thing better than learning about the history of where it happened? Learning about the former residents that continue to claim their territory in the afterlife.

You love authentic historical sites.

Savannah is full of them! There’s no shortage of landmarks and historical monuments that you’ll see on the Savannah Terro ... rs Ghost Tour. From the monument of the chief of the Yamacraw tribe and the oldest theater in the country to the Girl Scouts founder’s home and the home of the doomed sea captain, Captain Henry Dickerson, you’ll be taken to locations that belong to the origins of this incredible city. You can sight-see the regular way or you can sight-see with us and capture some pretty amazing shots of gorgeous aged buildings and maybe their former residents.

You want to know where Savannah gets its ridiculously haunted reputation from.

Savannah is synonymous with haunted. Ghost hunters from all over the country visit the city on a regular basis hoping to capt ... ure sightings of Savannah’s famous and infamous apparitions, successfully doing so almost every time. With such a deep-rooted history that includes war, executions, epidemics, and unbelievable misfortune, the area is prone to a vast amount of unexplained phenomena that show themselves to anyone at any time. Our tour guides will take you to some of the most active hotspots that have given Savannah, Georgia its reputation and keep delivering with every visit.

You want to mix it up and do something exciting on your vacation.

You’ve seen all the sites. You’ve bought all the souvenirs. Now what? How about a ghost tour with Savannah Terrors Ghost ... Tour? This ghost tour is unlike any tourist attraction you’ll experience. There’s plenty to do and see in Savannah, but none are quite as unique as taking a ghost tour.

This affordable, educational, and incredibly entertaining ghost tour lasts about an hour and might introduce you to some places you may have missed during your day of exploring. Beyond that, it’ll be unlike anything you’ve experienced at any other attraction. Where else are you going to hear the dark yet undeniably true stories of the origins of this gorgeous vacation spot? Whether you’re visiting from out of town or a local looking to take in more of the city, Savannah Terrors Ghost Tour will leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.

You want some extraordinary and unforgettable stories to bring home.

There’s nothing more interesting than a story that almost sounds too incredible to be true, but that’s exactly what you ... ll hear. And the best part is, they’re all true! Our team does a deep dive into each location and conducts copious amounts of research to ensure the guides are able to bring the most factual, entertaining, and chilling stories to life.

We guarantee that you’ll be captivated and entertained, and maybe just a little scared. But don’t worry! All stories are told with our audience in mind, so feel free to bring the kids.

You don’t believe in ghosts…yet

So you’ve heard about how haunted Savannah is but you’re just not buying it. You just don’t buy ghost stories, period. ... We love it! Our goal isn’t to convince you either way. We want to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will give you a new perspective on the place known as the “Hostess City of the South”. Whether you believe the stories about the afterlife or not, we guarantee you’ll be entertained, engaged, and a little more educated on this gorgeous southern gem.

Our Tours

Savannah Ghost Tour

Savannah Terrors Ghosts and Ghouls of the South

Join a bone-chilling ghost tour of haunted and historic downtown Savannah! Visit multiple iconic locations, including the haunted Kehoe House, Davenport House, Juliette Gordon Low House, cursed Wright Square and more!

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet at Oglethorpe Square, 127 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401, in front of the Owen's-Thomas House & Slave Quarters.

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length:

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Pub Crawl

Savannah Terrors Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Join this one-of-a-kind haunted pub crawl and add a twist to your ghost experience with delicious sips of spirits and shocking sightings of Spirits.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 307 East President Street, Savannah, GA 31401.

Tour TimeTour Times: Daily at 6PM

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Food Tour

Savannah Historic District Savory Foodie Tour

Food is the love language of the South, and Savannah has a lot of love to share. The challenge may be picking where to eat. We've done all of the legwork for you and tasted everything the Hostess City has to offer.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: Meet your tour guide in front of The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, at 222 E Harris St, Savannah, GA 31401.

Tour TimeTour Times: Daily at 2PM

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Ghost Tour

Savannah Terrors Ultimate Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour

Dare to tread abandoned dark streets in Savannah on a blood-curdling dead of night ghost tour. Traverse haunted paths and unearth untold stories behind the most haunted and historic sites in the South.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: Tours begin at Oglethorpe Square, 127 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401.

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length:

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

We Shall Overcome: A Savannah Black History Experience

Join a seasoned Junket guide for a deep dive into the life of African Americans throughout Savannah's history.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: Tours meet in the center of Yamacraw Square, 128 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401 next to the 3 bronze children statues.

Tour TimeTour Times: Daily at 12PM

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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