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About Savannah Terrors

Savannah has plenty of options for visitors or locals looking to amuse or educate themselves. The South’s largest historic district has miles of charming cobbled streets, boutiques, bistros, and outdoor activities galore. The city comes alive at night, though, but just before the sun goes down and the restaurants start heaving, it is a special time—the witching hour.

This is the best time for you to catch a glimpse of the supernatural in Savannah. Several guests have experienced brushes with the supernatural on the dark, tree-lined streets of Savannah. The standard ghost tour takes in 9 locations within an easy 0.7-mile loop in historic downtown Savannah. The extended tour adds another 4 stops and another 0.2 miles of walking down the tree-lined boulevards of The Hostess City of the South.

But these trees are rooted in layers of human pain, and a long history of upheaval and horror that fill the streets of Savannah with the eerie screams of spirits who are not ready to leave this world.

Savannah Ghosts would welcome you to a tour any evening. The tour blended the best stories of this town’s fascinating history and the most frightening stories of ghouls and banshees in the hot and humid South. Each story you will hear is grounded in well-researched historical facts that make each stop another slice in the pie of the delicious history of this Southern belle.

Why is Savannah so Haunted?

Savannah occupies a prime position on the Atlantic seaboard; its commanding strategic position on the Wilmington and Savannah rivers made it a target of near-constant attack in the years before the formation of the United States. This continued during the Revolutionary War and the American Civil War. Add to this an ideal climate for outbreaks of Yellow Fever, and you have a recipe for waves of death and ghosts that follow not so far behind. Add in the centuries of slavery and the human passions that run hot in the humid climate of the South, and it’s not hard to see why this beautiful city is so haunted.

One architectural gem you will visit on this tour is the Owen-Thomas house, find out what makes this building so remarkable, and hear about the two ghosts that haunt it to this day. Including the primary account of a ghostly appearance by non-other than James Arthur Williams, subject of the book by John Berendt, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, an account of Williams’ arrest and trial for the murder of a local male prostitute, and employee, described as a ‘delightful young man that not everyone has had the pleasure of’ the popular book is set in the Savannah of the 1980s.

Add to this the tunnels under the city, built to transport the thousands of bodies of Yellow Fever victims, and you have a prime contender for the title of most haunted city in America.


Erin Swisher

Review Rating
June 17, 2024

We had such a great time on our late night tour with Minh!

Donna Harrop

Review Rating
June 17, 2024

Very informative and entertaining

Susan Colbert

Review Rating
June 17, 2024

Our tour was excellent and very informative.


  • Remain calm.

    Everyone is calm in Savannah, even the ghosts, try to follow suit.

  • Be polite.

    Manners are second nature here in the South, it would be a shame to break centuries of tradition.

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    If you meet a ghost, the first two rules should steer you out of trouble.

  • Stay together.

    Here at Savannah Ghosts, we have plenty of gruesome stories, we don’t need any more, so stay safe, and stay together.

  • Watch your step.

    Try not to join the ranks of the ghosts you’ll hear about, so watch the cobblestones, which actually have an interesting story behind them,