Experience the Historic Savannah Terrors!

Savannah Terrors takes you through the violent and twisted history of this beautiful city with authentic, atmospheric accounts of the ghosts lurking on the dark and spectral streets of ‘Vannah.

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Deep in the swampy beginnings of the 13th and final Colony, the ground was laid for the tragic ghosts of Savannah to terrorize all who tread here. Death, disease, war, and melancholy Indian spirits still roam the dark streets today, let us show you where.

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What lurks beneath the charming façade of Savannah?

Downtown Savannah merges new world bustle with old-world charm. This thriving hub boasts one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States. Picturesque gardens, antique architecture, tree-lined walkways, and signature cobblestone streets give modern visitors an authentic peek into the past of this beautiful city’s past.

But be careful where you tread; the city is riddled with a network of underground tunnels built because Savannah suffered so many deaths from Yellow Fever that they needed a way to transport the bodies out of sight. Needless to say, the tunnels are haunted.

The city’s surprising longevity is due to Union General William Tecumseh Sherman sparing the beautiful city his normal victory salute, of burning a vanquished stronghold to the ground. His gift of the city and 20,000 bales of cotton to his boss, Abraham Lincoln, on Christmas 1864 is apparently the reason it was spared.

Savannah’s rich southern history also has a legendary supernatural side…for those brave enough to pursue it. Savannah Ghost Tours offers guided walking ghost tours throughout the celebrated historic district, walking just under a mile between the original six parks laid out by General James Edward Oglethorpe after pacifying the indigenous Yamacraw Indians.

Each night, we lift the civil and courteous veil and retell terrifying accounts of former Savannah residents ensnared in some of the city’s most notorious haunted locales.

Savannah Ghost Tours are not for the squeamish nor the faint of heart. But we are family-friendly, and will happily cater to your special requirements. We promise careful research and real-life detail. When we tell them, we tell them straight.

Intrigued? Join the registered tour guides for a Savannah experience you’ll never forget!



Oglethorpe Square's Haunted History Stretches Through The Centuries

We launch the nightly tours from Oglethorpe Square. Oglethorpe is a renowned small park in the heart of our vibrant city. First developed in the mid-1700s, Oglethorpe Square’s almost 300-year history is plagued with sickness, fortune, and tragedy. The roughly one-mile journey travels through Bull Street, Hull, Street, and York Street as we stop at 9 or 13 haunted destinations.

Meander through these darkened quarters to hear heartbreaking and terrifying tales about:

What can you expect from the Savannah Terrors?

Colonial Park Cemetery

No ghost tour would be complete without a stop in a haunted cemetery. Colonial Park Cemetery has been the stuff of ghastly lore since the 1700s. Here, tour guests may encounter the spirits of Savannah’s many yellow fever victims. Yellow fever ravaged Savannah throughout the 1800s in three separate epidemics where hundreds lost their lives. While Savannah is the final resting place for more than 700 yellow fever victims, many who succumbed to this vicious disease aren’t resting at all. Come with us to Colonel Park Cemetery, where many have seen (and felt) apparitions of yellow fever fatalities aimlessly roaming the grounds.

Disturbed Native American Burial Ground

Native American chief, and friend of City founder General Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, was resting peacefully…until the Central of Georgia Railroad Company erected a monument right over his grave. Hear how you can summon the ghost of Tomochichi’s as well as tales of other disturbing Native American burial grounds.

Murder most foul

See the places of some of the region’s most infamous assassins, listen to their stories, and learn about the victims who still refused to go gently into that good night. Tyrannical old Mr. Wise who met his untimely demise in a bucket of water, the Foley House corpse in the wall, young Rene who was lynched by an angry mob, and the spirits of two young girls murdered in a local cemetery. These just a few of the specters still raging against the dying of the light – and the city streets mark the forum for their fury.

Love Lost and never regained

Not all of the stories are morbid. Some are sweet tales of true love like Nelly and her beloved husband, William Gordon II. Yes, it’s true – people really can die from a broken heart. But, what happens when they refuse to leave their earthly existence behind when they do? Join us, and we will reveal their tragic tale.

Distressed fire victims, tormented Civil War casualties, and tortured indentured servants who simply can’t find peace – these are just some of the many spirits you may encounter during your Ghost Tour adventure.

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Tour Info


All Ghost Tours meet at Oglethorpe Square, 127 Abercorn St, in between Oliver Bentley’s Barking Bakery and Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters. 


Tours are 1 hour long. Add the extended tour for an additional 30 minutes of haunts!


Ghosts don’t worry about the weather, and neither do we. Savannah Ghost Tours run rain or shine. Verify your tour time and arrive at least 10 minutes prior to step off. Our beautiful city bustles year round – be sure to allocate plenty of time for parking!


Adult Tickets are $18.99. Children’s tickets are $10.

Savannah Ghost Tours tickets must be purchased in advance.

Make your reservation online here and simply arrive at Oglethorpe Square, 127 Abercorn Street during your designated tour time. That’s it! No printing tickets, no worrying losing your place in the group.

Also, no substitutions. Guests must attend the tour for the date and time of purchase. Rescheduling may be done upon approval and may be subject to a rescheduling fee.


If you cannot find parking on the side streets, the closest parking area is State St parking garage, at the corner of E State and Drayton, address 100 E State St.

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Review Rating
October 18, 2020

Super fun tour. Our guide was Dominick and he was great. He was also very approachable and open to questions.
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Zach Meyer

Review Rating
October 10, 2020

Guide was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I definitely recommend this one as the smaller groups were great for a more personal experience!
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Miranda Barker

Review Rating
October 10, 2020

There were alot of different groups out and our guide did very well at working around the other groups.
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Shani Parker

Review Rating
September 22, 2020

I was very happy with my tour! Will definitely be back! Thank you for an awesome tour😃
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Reasons Savannah Ghost Tours Is A Must

  • History, ghosts and so much atmosphere!

    The Savannah Ghost Tour is full of historical detail. The 8 or 12 location tours are based in history and add first-hand accounts of hauntings, sightings of ghouls, and mysterious happenings in the Southern Home of Hospitality. You’ll learn about the history of this fascinating city, with established historical events told with stories about the lives of some of Savannah’s most famous and infamous residents.

  • Perfect for visitors and locals

    Learn about the history of this amazing town, through the lives (and deaths) of some of its most famous sons and daughters. We constantly have locals on the Savannah Terrors tours, and as well as adding personal stories, they always learn something they did not know.

    First-time visitors walk away from the tour with an insight into the city that makes the rest of their time here so much more interesting and scary! We suggest planning your Savannah Ghost tour for the beginning of your time here. You’ll hear many of the names we tell stories about in other parts of the city, and then, you will know who they are talking about and if there is a chance you might see their ghost today!

  • Scary and Memorable

    Many previous tour groups and guides have had unexplained encounters while walking the dark and atmospheric streets of Savannah. As well as the chance of seeing, or more commonly feeling a ghost, you’ll find your time with us entertaining and the stories are sure to stick with you. You’ll remember every terrifying detail to tell to others.

    Savannah Terrors provides a ghost walk experience for all ages, with a mix of history and spookiness rolled into one.

  • Right for everyone in your group

    Savannah Terrors is perfect for everyone in your group, regardless of age and interests. We know traveling in a group makes it challenging to find activities with universal appeal. Our tour starts just as the sun goes down, and the atmosphere gets spooky. The biggest reason to join the Savannah Terrors tour? The commitment to authenticity that is sure to make a believer out of even the biggest skeptics.

    Come discover the supernatural side of Savannah!