Ghost Tour Meeting Location: Oglethorpe Square, 127 Abercorn St, between bakery and slave quarters

Tour Duration: 1hr. across 1 mile

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Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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Savannah Ghost Tour
Tickets Start At $25

Savannah Terrors Ghosts and Ghouls of the South

Discover the gruesome nightmare of deadly diseases, grave misfortunes, and horrific ends that built the city on a trek through the Hostess City.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 127 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

Tour TimeTour Times: 8:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 Hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Ghost Tour
Tickets Start At $30

Savannah Terrors Ultimate Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour

Journey deep into Savannah's historic downtown district for a truly terrifying late-night experience full of genuine Southern haunts and horrors.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 127 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

Tour TimeTour Times: 10:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Pub Crawl
Tickets Start At $30

Savannah Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a sip from cocktails and brews that took centuries to perfect while learning about one of America's oldest and most haunted cities.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 307 East President Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Tour TimeTour Times: 6:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Black History Tour
Tickets Start At $25

We Shall Overcome: A Savannah Black History Experience

Hear the untold stories of African Americans who lived and loved in Savannah and were instrumental in developing the America we know today.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 128 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401

Tour TimeTour Times: 12:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 90 Minutes

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Cemetery Tour
Tickets Start At $25

Tombs of Savannah: Bonaventure Cemetery Experience

Take a deeper look at Savannah's haunting history, nestled deep among the moss-draped oaks, with the myths and stories surrounding this historic cemetery.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: Meet at BACK RIGHT Parking Lot by HISTORICAL SECTION.

Tour TimeTour Times: 10:00 AM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Savannah Food Tour
Tickets Start At $75

Savannah Historic District Savory Foodie Tour

Experience the delectable cuisine, amazing cafes, and fascinating individuals who have formed Savannah's unique and delicious Southern food culture.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: 222 E Harris St, Savannah, GA 31401

Tour TimeTour Times: 2:00 PM

Tour LengthTour Length: 2 Hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Visit the Most Haunted Places in Savannah

In the world of ghostly encounters, Savannah holds the prestigious title of one of the most haunted cities in the nation. The city is rooted in layers of human suffering that reverberates through the streets, manifesting as eerie and spine-chilling experiences courtesy of the sorrowful spirits not ready to leave this world.

Savannah Terrors takes you to the city’s haunted locations that put it on the otherworldly map. Discover the sordid tales that birthed the infamous hauntings and spirits you may just experience tonight.


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Colonial Park Cemetery

No ghost tour would be complete without a stop in a haunted cemetery. Colonial Park Cemetery has been the stuff of ghastly lore since the 1700s. Here, tour guests may encounter the spirits of Savannah’s many yellow fever victims. Yellow fever ravaged Savannah throughout the 1800s in three separate epidemics where hundreds lost their lives. While Savannah is the final resting place for more than 700 yellow fever victims, many who succumbed to this vicious disease aren’t resting at all. Come with us to Colonel Park Cemetery, where many have seen (and felt) apparitions of yellow fever fatalities aimlessly roaming the grounds.

Haunted 17Hundred90 Inn

This popular restaurant and hotel has been the subject of numerous paranormal invevstigations, and for good reason. Built in the 1800s, the building became the site of tragedy almost immediately when a young woman committed suicide by jumping from the roof. Her story is as old as time, as she fell in love with and became pregnant by a sailor who left Savannah with no intentions of returning. Distraught, she took her own life, making her a permanent resident of the 17Hundred90 Inn. Guests of Room 204 can expect a cozy room with disembodied sobbing and the possibility of having personal items moved around the room, or removed altogether. Enjoy!




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The Kehoe House

This quaint, cozy bed and breakfast once served as a funeral home, only after it was the home of William Kehoe, his wife, and 10 kids. The ghosts of the two Kehoe kids who died in the home are still there, causing a ruckus for both staff and guests, maintaining their rambunctious behavior in the afterlife.

Test your bravery, and join us!


What to Expect on Your Savannah Terrors Ghost Tour

Downtown Savannah is a thriving hub that boasts picturesque gardens, antique architecture, tree-lined walkways, and signature cobblestone streets that pay homage to simpler times. Of course, these beautiful sites double as a facade, as Savannah’s rich history also features a legendary spectral side.

For those brave enough to endure it, Savannah Terrors takes you on a guided walking ghost tour where we will lift the mask and reveal the city’s ominous locations that give Savannah its haunted reputation. Join us as we retell terrifying accounts ensnared in some of the city’s notoriously haunted spaces.

From disturbed Native American burial grounds to underground tunnels used to transport the bodies of Yellow Fever victims, you can expect to get a horrific history lesson given at the very spots where these grim narratives occurred. A Savannah Terrors ghost tour is not for the faint of heart. Prepare yourself for a night of heart-pounding fun and frights.

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Discover What Lurks Beneath the Charming Facade of Savannah


Learn who is affectionately known as the “Lady in Gray” and maintains her home ownership in the afterlife

Visit one of the oldest squares in Savannah that’s still reeling from the disturbance of a Native American chief

Discover the former home of the founder of the Girl Scouts Organization said to still be the home for her late parents

Check out the location for the iconic Forest Gump bench scene, just mere feet away from the sinister Foley House

Take a walk to a famously haunted theater where you can take in a show from the talented living, and the restless dead

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Why You Should Book Your Savannah Terrors Ghost Tour Tonight!


The Savannah Ghost Tour is full of historical detail. The 8 or 12 location tours are based in history and add first-hand accounts of hauntings, sightings of ghouls, and mysterious happenings in the Southern Home of Hospitality. You’ll learn about the history of this fascinating city, with established historical events told with stories about the lives of some of Savannah’s most famous and infamous residents.


Learn about the history of this amazing town, through the lives (and deaths) of some of its most famous sons and daughters. We constantly have locals on the Savannah Terrors tours, and as well as adding personal stories, they always learn something they did not know.

First-time visitors walk away from the tour with an insight into the city that makes the rest of their time here so much more interesting and scary!


Many previous tour groups and guides have had unexplained encounters while walking the dark and atmospheric streets of Savannah. As well as the chance of seeing, or more commonly feeling a ghost, you’ll find your time with us entertaining and the stories are sure to stick with you. You’ll remember every terrifying detail to tell to others.

Savannah Terrors provides a ghost walk experience for all ages, with a mix of history and spookiness rolled into one.


Savannah Terrors is perfect for everyone in your group, regardless of age and interests. We know traveling in a group makes it challenging to find activities with universal appeal. Our tour starts just as the sun goes down, and the atmosphere gets spooky. The biggest reason to join the Savannah Terrors tour? The commitment to authenticity that is sure to make a believer out of even the biggest skeptics.

Come discover the otherworldly side of Savannah!